Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chinese Turnip Cake (Law Bok Gow)

Mmm, Law Bok Gow, one of my favorite appetizers. It's eaten all year round at my house, especially during Chinese New Year. It's somewhat complicated to make (and takes like a whole day) but we Chinese will tell you it's completely worth it! There is nothing like Law Bok Gow. It symbolizes prosperity and growing fortunes. The flavor is unique and it's crispy and a bit chewy at the same time. The "cake" itself was made mainly from rice flour and thinnly sliced turnip strips. The meat and dried shrimp are added to make it more flavorful. Steamed in a big wok and cool down to fry in medium heat until crispy brown on both sides. Serve immediately with chilli sauce and soy sauce. It's very delicious!

Tips: If you don't have time to make it, you may try the store bought kind from Asian super markets. Avoid buying the frozen ones (They're flavorless and kind of nasty to handle). Go to bakery/cooked food section and see if you can find the freshly made ones. They are usually sold in small, pie-size, round foil dishes. That way, all is left to do is to cut the cake to small slices and pan fry to serve. Yum! :)

To make from scratch, see details below:

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