Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Cafe World" comes to LIFE! - Bacon Cheeseburger!

Hello! Super popular facebook game "Cafe World" has now come to LIFE! I've decided to take the challenge to cook EVERYTHING from the menu of Cafe World by Zynga as long as it takes me.

I started the game around Thanksgiving last year and I immediately got addicted to it. Not only were the graphics vividly appetizing, the music was catchy and new exciting items continued to be introduced regularly, such as the recent addition of Alien and Sports menus! I love to cook and this is the opportunity to make the dishes from the game become REALITY! 

Please support me by following my blog. Every week, I'll be cooking up dishes for REAL from the menu in the order of the official cookbook from the game. This is really exciting!

Serves 8 people
- Ground Beef (2 lbs 80/20)
- 1 Small Onion (peeled and chopped to tiny pieces)
- 1 Medium Tomato (thinly sliced)
- Hamburger Buns (1 pk of 8)
- 1 Medium Egg
- Bread Crumbs (about 1/2 cup)
- Bacon (6 oz)
- Lettuce (washed and drained. A few leaves)
- White Mushrooms (just a few, washed and sliced)

- Mustard (2 tablespoons)
- Black pepper (a small pinch)
- Light Soy Sauce (1 teaspoon)
- Sugar ( 2 teaspoons)
- Tabasco Sauce or Sriracha Chilli Sauce (1 teaspoon)

Step 1: Spread meat out in a large bowl, put in marinade, egg and onion. Mix thoroughly.

Step 2: Add breadcrumbs gradually. Use hands to knead into the meat.
Step 3: Roll meat into small balls and flatten with hands as shown in picture below.

Step 4: Cook bacon on grill. Set aside after cooked through.
Step 5: Cook meat patties on grill and mushrooms.
Step 6: Set everything on the side after cooked. Build your hamburgers your way!
 Enjoy!! More "Cafe World" dishes to come soon! Stay tuned!! 

Note: Cafe World is the property of Zynga


  1. Yummmmmmy.... Thumbs up. 5 cafe points!

  2. nice one! keep on cooking the next dishes. you're a good cook

  3. This recipe looks & sounds really good. I like that you included pictures of the food as it's being prepared. I'm diffently going to try.

  4. Thanks! Stay tuned! More dishes to come!

  5. What a fun idea!

  6. great idea,i had the same!